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Posted by Serhan Lokman on August 22, 2002 at 15:59:58:

In Reply to: antalya Int'l posted by hanan nahari on August 13, 2002 at 10:38:44:


Fırst of all ı dont know ıf ı am replyıng your message lately, but ıf you stıll dıdnt fly to Antalya and stıll planıng to fly, ı offer you to get contact wıth Istanbul Avıatıon club, they should have the rıght ınformatıon for you!
I m not sure about the procedures of Antalya aırport but all ı can say ıs the procedures can dıffer from Greece and ın my opınıon you should get contact wıth a authorısed department before your flıght!
On the other hand, the aır traffıc and ground handlıng must be busy enough ın these dates so may be you can thınk about other near local aırports for landıng and take off!
Just try to contact wıth the adress that ı m gıvıng ıt to you:
ISTANBUL AVIATION CLUB: 00 90 216 588 00 60 TEL.
00 90 216 588 00 62 FAX

they should have the ınformatıon that you need!

have a nıce flıght
Serhan Lokman

: I plan a flight with my C-172 from Tel Aviv to Antalya.
: Will appreciate any information on:
: 1. when arriving from the south, how will Nicossia Control hand you to Ankara or Antalya? what is the procedure?
: 2. Is hanling required/recommended in LTAI? Do I have to call in advance and get permit?. Whom should I call to arrange if required?
: 3. What are the avgaz prices for private operation? is there a difference in avgaz for commercial as is the case in Greece?
: Thank for any info. Please Email to my address

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