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Posted by Don on November 24, 2002 at 14:16:05:

In Reply to: Re: JAA Liscense posted by Csaba Koscso on November 24, 2002 at 09:47:22:

: : I am a US domestic MD80/DC9 Captain. My wife is from Europe and I would like to move her back home. The problem is that I do not have a JAA License. Question? What is a JAA liscense and how do I get one? Will my FAA liscense suffice? Is it even a possibilty? I have just begun research this so any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows about any jobs or typical requirements I would be grateful. I was also a B-737 Captain. Cheers, Don

: Don,

: I am a Hungarian citizen leaving in Atlanta and I have been looking for an easy way to get a JAA license.
: I have G-IV and Hawker type ratings and A&P and IA also have expired Hungarian licenses.
: What I know so far.Thwe FAA license is good for a lot of things in Europe except to fly airplanes.
: I would start with training facilities like Flight Safety or Simuflight and talk to somebody there who is assigned to the JAA program.
: They offer JAA transation courses but what I understand you have to be authorized by a JAA authority something like a letter of authorization or the proof of that you are dealing with a JAA member authority already.
: You just can not walk in and attend the innitial course because you will not be able use the certificate having no authority to belong to.
: I would also start with talking to the Country's (where you planing to move)authority and see what they can offer.
: The short story is that you most likely will need to do some serious
: trainings and check rides.$$$

: If you are moving to a state where JAA no an acting authorityu but will be in the near future you may be able to do their licenses based on your FAA license.Establish with that license for a year and when the Country becomming a JAA member you may receive your ticket with the rest of it.
: That is the case in my situation.
: I will activate my expired Hungarian licence this fall and next year Hungary will be a JAA member so as me.( hopefully)

: You may go and see what countries are in line to be part of JAA ask for a certificate based on you FAA ticket from one of those authorities and wait for the change.

: Good Luck

: Let me know how you did

: Csaba


Thank you very much for the response. It is very much appreciated. I am glad a Hungarian responded since Hungary is where I would like to take my wife. Originally she is from Szeged and would like to return. I understand that Hungary will be joining the EU in 04. I hope to get an EU work permit when that happens. I will look further into the JAA liscense. Will I require both an EU work permit and JAA liscense to fly in Europe? Any thoughts? Can a person, such as my wife, become a US Citizen and still, as far Hungary goes, keep her Hungarian Citizenship? Also, my wife is wondering if you happen to any Hungarians in the ATL area? A friend of ours just moved there and is looking to meet some Hungarians.


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