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Posted by Thomas Popov on December 21, 2002 at 18:42:39:

In Reply to: LYTV Tivat airport posted by Tamar Nelwan on July 21, 2002 at 14:57:11:

Sorry I have no idea in technical terms but I have been to the UN mission on Prevlaka Penynsula whihc is the most southern point of Croatia and its about 15km from Dubrocnik(Cilipi)aiport and 30km from Tivat airport.

Now, I was in the area for a week in November of this year I rented a car from AVIS,top quality -recommend and top service, thay take care of you, anyway , I drew past that Tivat aiport, I stopped at it to have a look at it, but its seem to be so samll, and so dirthy, its like a f**ing 3rd world railways station, the terminal building is so old and so primitive, the was no aircradt on the airfield, but I was told that there is every day flight operating from Tivat to Belgrade and back, you see, I have no idea, ok the terminal was soooooo bad, howver, the runway was as usula, could not see anything wrong with it, but the approah light were partly broken, I could see that, because those are crealy visible from the road as you drive past, I thing you can land there its just a solid runway, but try to get out of the plane without waling via the terminal it realy owefull and it stinks as well, its juts old. The Cilipi aiport, airport for Dubrovnik was reconstructed 2 years ago, its so up date, clean and nice, by comparason, its pleasure to be at Dubrovnik aiport. Its so new and technologically advance, I mean for Eastern Europe, at Dubrovnik airport ther are atms, nice western shops, all moder design, renacar offices etc....

Tak care, but Montenegro is very nice, beatifull dont think tht if Tivat aiport is shit, so is the country, the aiport is juts soso old, otherwise the roads in Montenegro are in very good conditions by comperasson to what they were 2 years ago, very goog, if you are there make sure you visit Albania, its very good experience, and remember ignore what people telll you, Albania is safe, its poor, but NO one will kill you the locals are very nice, I spent one afternoon in Albania and went out wit gerat pictures and memories. Road is albania are ok to drive, but ther are halls, so do not drive at dark and go slow-ther are no road signs, just a few. On the othre hand there are many signs in Montenegro and police everywhre, fines are heavy, so respects the speed limits and trafic rules, The same applys to Croatia, you see former Yugoslavia is very well organised, its not such a mess, you will see that the roada are well lokked after.
: Hello
: Does anyone have information about the landing fees at Tivat LYTV Airport for small civil transport.
: Also if Afgas 100LL is avialable

: Contact info would also be welcome
: Replies can be made in English, Dutch or Serbian

: With kind regards
: Tamar

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