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General Info
Country Iraq
Time UTC+3(+4DT)
Latitude 33.262539
33° 15' 45.14" N
Longitude 44.234578
044° 14' 04.48" E
Elevation 114 feet
35 meters
Type Joint (Civil and Military)
Magnetic Variation 004° E (01/06)
Operating Agency U.S.AIR FORCE
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
International Clearance Status Airport of Entry
Daylight Saving Time Dates notified by NOTAM

TWR 118.7
RDO 127.35
Call KINGFISH HOTEL 20 min inbd to Sather AB.
METRO 116.15
HELO 131.7
GND 121.7
DEP 131.9
INFO 127.25
APP 128.2
BALAD ACC 123.52
Communications Remarks  
TWR Lost comm acft ovft rwy of intended ldg at 1000 ft AGL and Dep acft are to ctc Balad APP 126.425.
RDO Due to hi volume of copter tfc opr lo level in vcnty of arpt, all acft dep arpt and entering cl G airspace shall ctc Baghdad rdo for tfc info.
APP No rdo coverage with Balad APP blw 3000 MSL in the vcnty of ORBI.

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
15R/33L 10830 x 148 feet
3301 x 45 meters
15L/33R 13124 x 197 feet
4000 x 60 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid

Other Fluids LHNIT, Low and high pressure nitrogen servicing
JASU A/M32A-86
AC:115/200v, 3 phase, 90 kva, 0.8pf, 4 wire, DC: 28v,1500 amp, 72kw

150+/-5lb/min (2055+/- 68cfm) at 51+/- 2psia

CAUTION No current obst data. Ctl twr (aprx 190 ft) N of civ trml, btn 15R and 15L apch.No obst lgt on twr. Com masts (aprx 1180 ft) aprx 3NM NNE of afld-no obst ltg. Numerous unlit obst within 300 ft of 15L/33R and 15R/33L. Historical bird/wildlife act and migration data not avbl. Increase in bird/wildlife act observed near rwy +/- 1 hr SR/SS. Exer caution when arr/dep dur these periods. Std detonation site lctd aprx 0.5 NM fr dep end Rwy 33L. Twr will announce detonation with bcstand clsd Rwy 33L, til detonation are complete. Aircrew shall ck for hung chaff/flares prior to taxi to prk if dispense chaff/flares or rcv indications of. After coord with twr, ck may be cont after exiting rwy, ctc 447 AMXS, DSN 318-446-2511. All acft use inboard eng only, due to FOD when taxing on/off Rwy 15R/33L/Twysfc. All acft that will land and prk at Sather AB are rqr to make 20 min inbd call to KINGFISH HOTEL on UHF 299.625 or VHF 133.5 and altn freq UHF 241.85 are rqr to use flw me veh for assistance to prk. This incl AMC acft, USA or contracted copter and any acft that intends to prk on Sather AB ramp. Pt of ctc at DNVT 302-551-9312. Dist remaining mrk are reflective only. Cir E of Rwy 15L/33R proh.Rstd area lctd 1.3 NM E Rwy 33R thld, 0.3 NM rad of N33 15.26' E44 16.28'. Sfc to 3000 ft MSL, and 2.0 NM NE of Rwy 15L, 0.3 NM rad of N33 20.42' E44 20.50', sfc to 1500 ft MSL. Twy G, N, R, T, A, O, clsd to mil acft. Apron D, E, K, Clsd tomil acft. Exer extreme caution when opr on twy M and AMC apron due to numerous spalls and conc joint breaks (small to med in size). Copter use caution for pers/eqpt in vcnty of main forward air reful pt (FARP). Two impact spalls near shoulder of twy P6 hammerhead, max depth 12 inch, marked with cones. Unmarked 6 inch conc slabs with 6 ft deep manholes along E and W shoulder edges for Rwy 15L/33R.Hvy caliber frng rng lctd 1/2 mile W of AMC apron. All arr and dep copter are advs to ctc Baghdad Helo on 131.7 for svc in, out and thru ORBI class D airspace.Copter opr unfamiliar with new pro, alt, fixes and rte should ctc Baghdad twr via landline prior to dep. Spiral arr and dep must remain within 3.5 DME. Numerous impact spalls on mid ramp in the vcnty of JMMT hgr, max depth 3 inches. Rstd area 1 NM NW of Rwy 15R thld, 0.4 NM rad of N33 16.82' E44 12.13' sfc to 3000 ft MSL. Two impact spalls near shoulder of twy P6 hammerhead, max depth 12 inches,mrk with cones. Exer extreme caution for numerous copter and F/W tfc opr within ORBI class D controlled airspace. All F/W acft dep must maint rwy hdg til at or above 450 ft AGL. F/W acft arr must maint at or above 800 ft AGL on downwind andshall not descend below 450 ft AGL til estab on final app and within 1.25 NM prior to ldg. All arr and dep copter tfc will opr at or below 300 ft AGL while in ORBI class D airspace at all times. Debris field lctd 1000 ft before Rwy 15R thld, and 1000 ft after Rwy 33L dep end. Nr obst pose haz to acft opr. 150 ft lgtd ant lctd N33 18'12.06'' E44 12'18.60''. 250 ft unlgtd obst ant lctd aprx half a NM E (N33 17'05'' E44 14'35'') of Rwy 15L/33R. 80 ft unlgtd obst lctd N33 18'06.05'' E44 13'06.78''.
FUEL J8-Ltd, A1 (AvCard Skylink Air and Logistic (US fone) C 703-318-4000 or C 011-964-7901-909-452). Mil acft req fuel svc fr the mil trml in excess 40,000 lbs mustcoord with 477 ELRS/LGRF (pol) RCC at DSN 318-446-2319,2321,2322. Failure to coord prior to arr may result in failure to svc the req.
LGT Rwy 15R/33L emerg afld lgt sys (EALS) in use at reduced intensity, nstd lgt. Twylgt not avbl on twy A,G,N,R,T,V,S,S1-S6. Due to ltd ramp lgt, all acft turn on posn lgt and/or formation lgt upon exit of active rwy to show other acft on gndtheir posn and maint safe acft clnc. Lgt rqr for taxing only and may be turned off upon entering rwy for dep.
MISC Ck NOTAMs for updated info. Medevac msn will ldg on medevac spot (W of DV1). Arracft flw twr and marshallers instr. Other copter tfc will hover or ldg N/S of AMC ramp, or at spot precoord with comd post. Acft comdr ctc comd post DSN 318-446-2442 prior to tkof to avoid confusion and delays. Afld mgr DSN 318-446-2900. All tran copter tfc must hold on twy M and wait for a marshaller for prk. Req wx fcst using ICAO ident KQTZ. Wx fcst DSN 318-446-2906 avbl H24 Sun-Sat. Wx radarnot avbl. Ck NOTAMs freq for tmpry chg in wx svc. Remote wx brief avbl for mil opr H24 via CENTAF Opr Wx Squadron (OWS) DSN 312-965-0907. C +1 (803) 895-0907. All mil acft incl copters ctc twr for tfc advsy, wx, and ldg info. Limit eng runup opr to a min, only if msn rqr. Must be coord 15 min prior to arr. All R/W tfc (exc medevac) will arr or dep at N/S end of twy mike. R/W acft will ctc KingfishHotel for flw me veh to prk. R/W acft may proced to prk after ldg on twy mike N/S til progressive taxi instr fr twr. Comd post DSN 318-446-2442. Acft opr exp to provide tow bar. All civ contract air carriers must access RAMCC IZ website orcall Al Udeid AB C974-458-9555. At the tone press 0. When you hear a dial toneenter: 436-9999. For IZ afld press 1 then press 7 for Baghdad. This pro is designed to aid com and does not replace the need for air carriers to Email Baghdad Intl PPR req or slot req to RAMCC IZ. The ctl auth for Baghdad Intl arpt (ORBI) is the IZ civ avn auth (ICAA). All NOTAM issued concerning civ opr at ORBI are publ under the auth of the ICAA. All inquiries and correspondence shall be addressed as flw: Director Aeronautical info svc, Baghdad Intl arpt, Baghdad IZ, C0790-140-3537, Email: IBIAPI@YAHOO.COM. AIP/IZ page GEN 1.1-1 refers.
OIL Ltd to C5/C17 only.
RSTD PPR / offl business only for all tran F/W air tasking order asgn msn. Call afld mgr at DSN 318-446-2900, email 477AEG.OSAA@BDAB.CENTAF.AF.MIL, for PPR Nr. All acft must req a slot time fr RAMCC to land at Baghdad Intl. Civil acft rstd to day VFR only. No fleet svc, catering, flt planning or FPL filing avbl for mil/civ acft. All acft must file stopover FPL's. All civ acft with haz cargo ctc RAMCC with haz cargo info; mil acft with haz cargo ctc RAMCC and comd post at least 24hr prior to arr for coord. Ctc RAMCC at DSN 318-471-5184 or C+974 460 9869 ext 471-5184 or e-mail: CLNC DEL svc not avbl. All F/W R/W ovft 2500 ft W of Rwy 15R/33L proh, sfc to 600 ft AGL. Eng run offload for F/W acft: C-17 and C-130 only. Eng run offload not permitted dur sand storms.Eng run offload not permitted with HUMAN remains. Hot cargo eng run offload IAWDIRMOBFOR guidance. Loading team will not app acft til acft Comdr confirms tkofck list items complete, eng in low speed gnd idle (desired) or reverse thrust as appropriate. Acft more than 30 min early given lo priority than on time arr. Coord with KINGFISH HOTEL no later than 30 min prior to ldg. PPR for all mil andciv acft req to arr or dep til 31 Dec 2006. Cir apch not auth due to ltd flt inspection.
RWY All mil acft arr/dep Rwy 33L/15R rstd fr ovft living areas, fuel stor, and HAS areas blw 1000 ft AGL.

Source: DAFIF
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