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General Info
Country Iraq
Time UTC+3(+4DT)
Latitude 33.785608
33° 47' 08.19" N
Longitude 42.441200
042° 26' 28.32" E
Elevation 618 feet
188 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 004° E (01/06)
Operating Agency MARINE CORPS
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Daylight Saving Time Dates notified by NOTAM

TWR 131.225
ADACG 298.675
METRO 244.325
OPS 116.15
GND 121.175
APP 118.6
Communications Remarks  
POST Ctc 20 min prior to ldg.

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
08/26 10125 x 338 feet
3086 x 103 meters
09R/27L 13123 x 148 feet
4000 x 45 meters
09L/27R 13124 x 197 feet
4000 x 60 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
TACAN MAA AL ASAD 057X - At Field -

A-GEAR M31 on 09R/27L in close proximity of rwy edge, C-130 or larger acft tkof and ldgafter first 2000 ft.
CAUTION Acft taxi dur darkness use posn/formation lights. Copter avoid ovft of bunker 66near radio twr NE of Delta and Oscar twy int. 70 ft twr 1 NM NW of afld mrk with infrared lgt. 125 ft twr lctd 360 rad 2.5 DME fr afld mrk with infrared bcn.Twr 112 ft AGL at N33 48'10.25 E42 27'23.67 with red obst lgt. 150 ft twr E of int Delta and Oscar twy. India twy clsd N of Hotel twy.
FUEL Ltd supply of J8. All tran AMC acft must req fuel 24 hr prior thru Base OPS DSN 318-3413-347. Max amount 30 thou lb for all acft. Exp delay due to ltd dispensing equip. Fuel svc not avbl for civ acft. Acft encouraged to use hot pits. Acft utilizing hot fuel pits flw drct by ATC and hot fuel pit taxi directors. Refer afld opr manual and NAVAIR 00-80T-109 avbl on Al Asad website under afld OPS at Failure to comply will result in delay withcold fuel pro.
LGT Emerg afld lgt sys (EALS) in use at reduced ints, nstd lgt. Rwy 27L apch end flgnstd non-sequenced lgt, M configuration with single row cntrln. Addn edge lgt first 4000 ft of rwy. Rwy 27R apch end flg non-sequenced lgt. Solar pwr, lo brilliance rwy edge lgt lct 5 ft fr rwy edge. Solar pwr, lo brilliance twy edge lgt in use. SS to SR solar pwr lgt only for NVD opr. EALS will be set to med ints at pilot's req and in IMC. Fresnel Lens opr ldg sys (FLOLS) by req only and used for trml guidance to rwy 27L. Tactical (TAC) PAPI left side 09R/27L set at 3 avblon req only. By req only white hi ints apch lgt on 09R/27L, configuration Q with flg sequenced cntln lgt.
MISC All aircrew review unclassified NOTAM at RNAV GPS apch avbl 09R/27L 09L/27R for mil contract carriers only. Copter RNAV pro avbl thru, see DINS attn ntc all Rgn EUR or PAC for downloading instr. All flts inbd to A/DACG ctc 298.675 nlt 20 min prior to ldg. If unfamiliar with afld req progressive taxi.
RSTD PPR req for all civ/mil acft incl those on ATO. F/W acft not issued PPR may be turned away or met by security forces. All R/W and F/W acft with DV code 7 or hi will also req PPR. RAMCC will provide slot time for all civ acft. Agcy must obtain PPR prior to entry into IZ. RAMCC no longer issues slot times for mil acft. PPR for mil F/W acft serve as slot time. Mil slot times +/-30 min from PPR ETA/ETD cntc Base OPS at DSN 318-3413-347 to update ASAP or e-mail: ( or ( PPR issued within 6 hr ntc will not be guaranteed priority handling and may be delayed. Acft are rqr to use inboard eng only on twy to ctl FOD.
RWY Ltd twy and rwy signage. Dist remaining mrk avbl. Rwy 09L/27R clsd to all tfc due to const til 31 Dec 2006.
TFC PAT Carrier breaks are not auth. Overhead initial lctd 5 NM fr apch rwy in use at orabv 4000 ft descend to at or abv 2700 ft by apch end of rwy. Break S and when wings level on downwind descend to 1600 ft. All acft to remain S of Alpha twy unless directed by ATC.

Source: DAFIF
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