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General Info
Country Iraq
Time UTC+3(+4DT)
Latitude 36.305761
36° 18' 20.74" N
Longitude 43.147397
043° 08' 50.63" E
Elevation 709 feet
216 meters
Magnetic Variation 004° E (01/06)
Operating Agency U.S.ARMY
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Daylight Saving Time Dates notified by NOTAM

TWR 120.2
RAMP OPS 128.8
METRO 131.05
FARP 651.0
GND 132.825
INFO 127.25
APP 119.45

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
15/33 8695 x 147 feet
2650 x 45 meters

CAUTION Rwy 15 arr, Rwy 33 dep are at sole risk/discretion of aircrew. Mosul city has 150 ft obst/gnd to air fire risk within 1500 ft of Rwy 15 thld. Rwy 33 dep rqr left turn ASAP. Increased bird/wildlife act has been obsn near rwy, CTLZ, arpt tfcarea 1& 2 within +/- 1 hr of SR/SS. Exer caution when arr/dep dur these periods. Mosul lies within hi density, year-round, bird migratory rte. Exp flocks of birds randomly trns across rwy.
FUEL Small quantities J8 avbl for F/W acft with wingspan less than 55 ft, ctc FARP. Crews encouraged to carry round-trip fuel.
LGT Solar lgt in use for thld, rwy and twy edge. Dist remaining markers avbl but unlgt.
MISC Unlgtd repeater ant on ATC twr, midfield, 867 ft E of cntrln, 98 ft AGL. USA emerg copter RNAV pro avbl via Army Knowledge online website at Aircrew exer vigilance due to high density of copter, veh and pers tfc in close proximity to rwy. Obst lgt absent from several fac on arpt. GCA VOIP 302-243-0243 or 318-821-6030. Twr VOIP 302-243-0243. A/DACG VOIP 302-243-0120 or 318-821-6068. Acft opr should exp to provide own tow bar. All acft exp interference, rcpt difficulties and possible delays on all Mosul VHF freq. UHF is pref freq for Mosulapch and twr.Req wx fcst using ICAO ident KQTU. Ctc wx at VIOP 302-243-0057/70.Wx radar not avbl. Remote wx brief avbl for mil H24 or CENTAF OWS at DSN 312-965-8905; C +1 (803) 895-8905.
RSTD Ctc RAMCC for ops in IZ area of opr. Acft greater than C-17 rqr 72 hr PPR and afld mgr apvl, ctc AM VOIP 302-243-0036 or 318-821-6093. Infield clsd btn twy bravo and twy charle to all acft. Twy alpha clsd btn twy bravo and twy echo to all acft. Twy alpha clsd btn twy echo and N ramp to F/W acft with wingspan greater than 55 ft (18 M).
TFC PAT Medical emerg copter must TD Rwy 15 thld then gnd taxi to prk via N ramp to front of the combat support hosp (CASH) helipad. F/W acft do not use taxilane from CASH helipad due to 100 ft wing clnc violation.
TRAN ALERT Forward opr base Diamondback. No Fleet Service. All F/W acft use N prk ramp, ctcA/DACG for info.

Source: DAFIF
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