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General Info
Country Iraq
Time UTC+3(+4DT)
Latitude 30.935758
30° 56' 08.73" N
Longitude 46.090111
046° 05' 24.40" E
Elevation 20 feet
6 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 003° E (01/06)
Operating Agency U.S.AIR FORCE
Alternate Name TALLIL AB
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Daylight Saving Time Dates notified by NOTAM

TWR 122.125
METRO 317.025
AIR BOSS 244.05
GND 118.875
INFO 122.7
APP 120.2

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
12R/30L 9991 x 148 feet
3045 x 45 meters
12L/30R 10935 x 148 feet
3333 x 45 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
TACAN TAL TALLIL 084X - At Field -

A-GEAR A-G Rwy 12R/30L (MAAS) both apch and dep end in raised posn.
CAUTION The flw areas are designated EOD ranges, IT EOD range start at N30 58'20.74 E46 08'10.20, N30 58'39.29 E46 09'55.98, N30 58'15.97 E46 10'59.77, N30 56'51.53 E4610'58.73, N30 56'23.66 E46 08'27.66 and the U.S. EOD range is a 4000' rad around pt N30 54'23.44 E46 06'22.86 consult twr for act status of both ranges. Garibaldi firing range lctd btn coord N30 52' 07.61 E 046 00' 52.75, N30 47' 31.52 E 046 00' 53.58, N30 46' 56.90 E046 05' 12.82, N30 46' 55.69 E046 07' 43.27, N30 51' 02.70 E046 07' 16.10. Granite firing range lctd btn coords N30 49'.02 E045 59'06, N30 55'01 E46 00'01, N30 57'03 E45 56'06, N30 52'04 E45 52'07. Obst haz 100ft AGL twr mile E of afld. 42 ft twr lctd 4400 ft fr apch end Rwy 30R thld oncntrln. 250 ft twr lctd 3NM SW of afld. Obst is unlit. Radar tfc advsy avbl on transponder acft only. Twy Bravo cntrln nstd btn twy Foxtrot and Charlie. Acft should exer caution while taxing. Twy lgt is extremely ltd. Due to narrow twy allC130/larger acft must use inboard eng min pwr settings only dur taxi opr. Significant FOD haz exists on rwy and twy. Windsocks not avbl.
FUEL Ltd supply of J8.
LGT Rwy 12R/30L and 12L/30R emerg afld lgt sys (EALS) in use at rdc intst, nstd lgt.Apch lgt consists of three SFL and 1000 ft lgt bar til thld lgt bar.
MISC Wx fcst (avbl H24 Sun-Sat). Wx radar avbl. Ck NOTAM (ident ORTL) at for tmpry chg in wx svc. Remote wx brief avbl for mil opr H24, CENTAF Opr Wx Squadron (OWS) DSN 312-965-0907; C +1 803-895-0907. Acft opr shouldexp to provide towing arm.
RSTD Indb trans acft for full stop at Ali Base ctc wing OPS cntr (KINGFISH FOXTROT) on 230.3 30 min prior to arr. If unable to ctc 30 min out, make an attempt 15NM as well. PPR rqr for all Civil and Mil (exc R/W tfc ldg at the FARP). Ctc AMOPS at 318-445-2448/2449 or Email: Same day mil PPRcoord will be accepted (exc for C17 and larger acft), but given lo priority. All civ acft must coord 24 hr prior. Acft not issued a PPR will be turned away. Acft prk extremely ltd. Deviations over +/- 30min fr coord ETA and ETD will resultin len delays. Arr/dep outside of this window ctc AM OPS to update PPR. R/W acft repositioning fr FARP to N ramp not auth. No afld lgt avbl on twy Kilo. All acft conducting eng running on loads/offloads reduce eng to min pwr settings. Whentemperature are at or abv 32. celsius no eng running on loads/offloads will be conducted. No fleet svc, catering, flt planning or FLIP avbl for mi/civ acft.AM OPS has no COMSEC stor avbl. Under no circumstances will any acft ldg at the Ziggurat or the Ruins of Ur. Anyone destined for these lctn must land at Ali Base and gnd transport to the site. No R/W acft permitted within 1 km of coord N3102.9' E46 03.56' (E side of E ramp) due to gnd fuel opr. Does not apply to MEDEVAC R/W acft. Twy Alpha ltd to R/W acft only, btn twy Kilo and Charlie (no F/W acft). Acft req black-out opr must ctc Ali Base Comd Post on 230.3 at least 30 minprior to arr. No 18 turns on rwy for large frame acft unless no other optionsare avbl. All large frame acft must start tkof roll 1000 ft fr thld Rwy 12R/30L. Hvy acft should avoid using reverse thrusters. If reverse thrusters are rqr, use the in-boards to the max extent possible to avoid FOD damage. Exp possible delays of up to 30 min for removal of FOD fr rwy flw arr or dep of hvy acft. Hvy acft flw altn twy cntrln on twy Bravo abm twy Golf to avoid R/W acft. PPR for civacft will only be apv for arr time btn 0330-1300Z++. Acft inbd with DV code 6 or abv ctc KINGFISH FOXTROT on 230.3 15 min out. Acft with DV code 6 or abv ctc KINGFISH FOXTROT on 230.3 prior to dep.
RWY Rwy 12L/30R clsd til 31 Dec 2006.
TFC PAT R/W tfc intending to use FARP, ctc twr 396.45 or 122.125 prior to 5NM fr fld. Exp an apch to the active rwy unless directed otherwise by ATC, gnd taxi to FARP along Twy Kilo to Twy Alpha Ali Base FARP (Air Boss Freq 244.05). Do not shutdownon Twy Alpha unless directed. FARP overflow prk is on the finger twy Echo of FARP. Do not land directly at FARP.

Source: DAFIF
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