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General Info
Country Kyrgyzstan
Time UTC+6(+7DT)
Latitude 43.061306
43° 03' 40.70" N
Longitude 74.477556
074° 28' 39.20" E
Elevation 2058 feet
627 meters
Type Joint (Civil and Military)
Magnetic Variation 005° E (01/06)
Near City Bishkek
International Clearance Status Airport of Entry
Daylight Saving Time 1 April to 30 September

TWR 118.1
METRO 309.9
GANCI OPS 347.075
GND 121.7
APP 124.6
Communications Remarks  
TWR (CS Bishkek Start)
GND (CS Bishkek Taxiing)

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
08/26 13780 x 180 feet
4200 x 55 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
TACAN AFM MANAS 067X - At Field -
VOR-DME MNS BISHKEK 081X 113.4 2.0 NM 252.8
NDB MN BISHKEK - 975 3.2 NM 074.6

Fuel Jet A, without icing inhibitor.
Other Fluids LOX, Liquid oxygen servicing

OX, Indicates oxygen servicing when type of servicing is unknown

CAUTION Dist Remaining Mrks instld only wi fst 5000ft at app and dep end of Rwy 08/26. Hi bird act +/- one hr btn SR and SS due to migratory routes; bird watch ALERT duringPhase II (Apr-May/Sep-Oct). All mov sfc deteriorated, use min pwr to preventFOD. Use ctn when flw lcl arpt marshalling ref safety of wingtip clnc, ctc US Twr or Base Ops before cont. Twy A unlgtd btn F and H Twys. Fst 900' of Rwy 08 not vis fr twr. For coalition acft, host nation ATC have implemented pro providingQNH alt throughout the apch to ldg. When this occurs, no conversion is required. QNH/QFE pro at Manas IAP: All ATC asgn alt are given in meters. When tran Manas IAP, aircrews must confirm QNH settings when flying blw 1800M. Below 1800M, host nation controllers will use QNH altimeter settings for all coalition acft. Host nation acft (excluding coalition acft) will be asgn QFE alt blw 1800M. If unsure of an assigned alt, please cnt the AFCAP Radar Liaison on VHF 132.6 or UHF 309.55.
CSTMS/AG/IMG Handled by host nation H24.
FLUID LOX NIT De-Ice (Type I and II)
JASU (A/M32A-86) 4 (AM32-95)
MISC Plan min gnd time due to ltd prk. Ctc Ganci OPS 3 hrs prior to arrival on HF 6525.60 or HF 14837. Ctc Ganci OPS 20 min prior to arrival with ETA, msn status, cargo, pax and special rqr on UHF 347.075/VHF 119.725. AMC Contract carriers suchas the personnel rotator acft and acft carrying DV's, ctc GANCI Ops 1 hr prior to arrival or ASAP with ETA. HF 6525.60 is valid from 1400Z til 2259Z. HF 14837 is valid from 2300Z til 1359Z. Host nation wx obsv is used by ATC and determinesthe offl operational status of afld. Host nation wx obsv and fcst avbl under UAFM ident. USAF wx obsv and fcst for planning purposes avbl under KQHT ident. Inbdcoalition acft ck in with rdr AFCAP Liaison asap after initial ctc with host nation on freq 309.55/132.6 for ATIS info and rdr mnt. Dep coalition acft ck in with twr AFCAP Liaison on freq 307.825/120.15 prior to movement and for req svc.
RSTD PPR, 24 hr PN for all missions that are not entered into the GDSS. Ctc coalitionafld Mgmt (not host nation) at DSN 318-476-0930 or com 011-996-312-903-523. Dueto extremely ltd prk space and svc capability, ctc afld Mgmt with mission updates to ensure that acft can be accommodated. US mil acft can expect to use AVCARDfor payment of fees and svc. When turning acft on rwy, min FOD haz by turning jet/prop blast away from adj twy's. Large acft such as KC-135's should taxi to the end of the rwy before initiating turns. Haz Cargo-Manas has one haz cargo prk lctn twy H. Haz class/division 1.1, 1.2.1, 1.2.2 haz cargo being onload/offload cannot exceed 30,000 lbs net explosive wt. 1.3 max is 100,000 lbs. 1.4 no max, physical cap of acft. Acft turns not auth wi 984' of fire dept tent lctd on Twy Abtn Twy D and Twy F. The Manas Intl arpt's ILS LOC and GS critical areas for rwy 08 are not protected. Aircrews conducting AUTOLAND or COUPLED OPS should be aware of possible interference which occurs when meterological conditions are lessthan reported ceiling of 800 feet and/or vsby less than 2 miles. All US-led coalition acft, to include civ contracted acft, shall plan on operating on a one-at-a-time basis within the Bishkek ATC Traffic zone. Aircrews should only request and fly the full TACAN and/or the ILS apch as published in DOD FLIP. Expect and plan for extn holding at RENAT, KALIN, or MANAS.
TRAN ALERT 24 hr PN. Ltd avbl maint. Blocking and towing avbl. No drag chute repack.

Source: DAFIF
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