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1. There's an error in your database. The record lists DAFIF as the source. How do I report it?

Corrections to the DAFIF info should be reported directly to NGA at Be sure to give them the exact URL of the info that needs to be changed. Also include the name of the official Aeronautical Information Publication that contains the correct info.

If the official AIP of the host country is not correct, report the error to the proper authority in that country. Much of the NGA data is derived from these publications and it will not change if the AIP is wrong.

2. There's an error in your database. The record lists NFD as the source. How do I report it?

Don't do anything. The NFD database records on this site are still under development. Once everything is more complete and up-to-date, I'll modify this FAQ and include info for reporting errors.

3. How can I get a copy of your database to use in my project?

I'm working on a way to provide data in formats that can be used for programming purposes, or imported to other software. Until I work out the details, all I can do is point you in the direction of two major sources of public domain aviation data:


Also, you might want to check this out:

4. How can I add an airport, navaid, or additional information to the database?

Another thing on my "list", is to build a web interface for people to add more info to the site. For now, you could post this kind of information to the Message Board. The search engines crawl this site daily, so that should be some help to people searching the web for info that doesn't already appear here.