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Posted by: Giorgio Consonni ()
Date: May 14, 2012 07:44PM


I'd like to flag a couple of discrepancies I discovered by comparing the data reported in the site with satellite images in Google maps.

1) Milano Linate airport (ICAO code LIML). In the site data, the airport has two runways, with ID 18L/36R and 18R/36L.
Some time ago, a near accident happened: an aircraft, cleared to land on runway 36R, actually landed on the taxiway just on the right of runway 36R. I guess that, to avoid further confusion, this near accident triggered the change I noticed: Runway 18L/36R has been renamed 18/36, and runway 18R/36L has been renamed 17/35.

2) Cairo INTL airport (ICAO code HECA). In the site data, the airport has three runways, with ID 05R/23L, 05L/23R, and 16/34.
By looking at Google maps satellite image, it seems that runway 16/34 is now used as a taxiway, that runway 05R/23L has been renamed 05C/23C, and that a new runway 05R/23L is now active.

Please check the above information, and, if true, update the site data accordingly.

Thank you and regards.
Giorgio Consonni

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