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Cyprus Larnaca Airport
Posted by: james lewis derry ()
Date: April 23, 2005 04:44PM

Update and new information! As of today, there is no assured source of avgas at LCLK. Head for Pafos if you want to be certain or CHECK in advance. Why? Because the airport manager is giving the avgas company so great a hassle, that the company has decided it isn't worth the problems! (This is the airport manager that told me, that "This is a commercial airport. That means it is for the airlines....."winking smiley If you are lucky and get avgas, it is over USD8/USG.

You will be required to use a bus to the terminal...and it only costs USD 100!!!!!!!!!!! your handling agent drives in an empty car behind the 55 passenger bus and you stand there all alone wondering what the f*** is going on!

Parking fees will be more than your hotel for the night. Get the idea that Cyprus welcomes general aviation?

Contact me for updated info before a flight...

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Re: Cyprus Larnaca Airport
Posted by: james lewis derry ()
Date: October 17, 2005 05:27PM

New update! You compare: landing at Rhodes and one overnight: 30.16 euros.

Landing at Larnaca and one overnight: 320 euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Including bus to the terminal, required handling etc etc. Now, add to that, that they first said there was room for parking, then said there wasn't, then there was again.....then when I arrived, I was told I had to leave within the hour. That changed to that I could indeed park the night, as there was now parking place available. This on a position where one could easily park 5-6 737s and maybe 100 smaller aircraft!!!!!!

A Lear was forced to either go to Pafos for the night, or rent the Cyprus Airways hangar. The crew rented the hangar for 3000 dollars for the night. BUT DIDN'T PUT THE AIRCRAFT THERE!!!!! JUST PARKED NEARBY! So figure it out! Larnaca is NOT a place to go, unless absoluely necessary! Have lots of money and be prepared for endless hassles!

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Re: Cyprus Larnaca Airport
Posted by: BENECOS GEORGE ()
Date: November 05, 2005 05:55AM

This situation remains bad but as from later date not so bad anymore.
1) AVGAS is given to the local aeroclub so you can find it anytime.
2) Price remains in approx 8 US $ / US gal but this is same in all
Europe due to taxes.
3) You are not obbliged anymore to use a bus or a handling agent and you
do not pay landing fees in Cyprus. Crew transportation is provided
by the CAA with the follow me car.
4) All fees are levied by a CAA order but the extremely high parking
fee remains as it is obbligatory by a low and not by a CAA order so the
relevant low has to change.
After a lot of complaints from all the general aviation community the
Cyprus National Aeroclub is making effort through the CAA to cancel
this low that implies parking fees 65 US $ per 24 hrs while in Greece
the parking is approx 2 US $ per day including landing fees and all
relevant charges.
We have sent a complaint too.
We wish that they will succeed....


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Re: Cyprus Larnaca Airport
Posted by: jad ()
Date: November 19, 2010 09:10PM

hi my name is jad and am studying flying in Jordan and i want to go cross country to cyprus in a piper28-161 and i was wondering if there is fuel (100-100LL) or parking places in larnaca airport, am gonna stay there for 2 nights and if u can tell me how much its gonna cost me.

thank u !!!!!

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Re: Cyprus Larnaca Airport general aviation terminal
Posted by: A. Ehrlich ()
Date: June 14, 2011 06:08AM

what will be the cost using the Gat for departure arrival 1 pax. (privet flight)

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