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Posted by: artXisXdead ()
Date: August 14, 2010 09:58PM

So my wife and I have decided to circumnavigate the globe in a Bombardier Learjet 45 in real-time using Microsoft Flight Simulator 10. This site has been a massive help in my planning of our flight paths. My wife had a list of locales she wanted to see from the air and as such, some of our itinerary looks a bit odd. Below I've posted our itinerary, including any flyovers we'll be doing. Thanks again for the awesome site. If anyone is interested, we'll be taking screenshots from various locations, I could post them here if anyone wanted.


KHSV (Huntsville, AL) to SVMI (Caracas, Venezuela) via a Miami, FL flyover
SVMI to SBFZ (Fortaleza, Brazil)
SBFZ to DIYO (Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast)
DIYO to FZAA (Kinshasa, Congo DR)
FZAA to FAJS (Johannesburg, South Africa)
FAJS to HKJK (Nairobi, Kenya)
HKJK to HECA (Cairo, Egypt) via a flyover of the Great Pyramids
HECA to LFPG (Paris, France) via a Rome, Italy flyover
LFPG to UUEE (Moscow, Russia) via an Amsterdam, Netherlands flyover
UUEE to OIII (Tehran, Iran)
OIII to VNKT (Kathmandu, Nepal) via a Mt. Everest flyover
VNKT to ZSPD (Shanghai, China)
ZSPD to RJAA (Tokyo, Japan) via a Mt. Fuji flyover
RJAA to UHMM (Magadan, Russia)

We're currently looking for the best way to get from Magadan, Russia to Nome, AK.

If anyone has any suggestions to this flight plan, please feel free...

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