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Randolph Airfield Lighting System
Posted by: RChin ()
Date: September 14, 2010 08:10PM

Does anyone have any idea what type of lighting system "E" is? I'm looking at Randolph AFB (KRND), and under 14R and 32L they both have "E" listed as a lighting system and I can't find any info on that. Thanks in advance!

Re: Randolph Airfield Lighting System
Posted by: shane ()
Date: September 15, 2010 04:40AM

This is from the DAFIF data dictionary:



1	PCL		Pilot Controlled Lighting
2	SF		Sequenced Flashing Lights
3	TDZL		Touchdown Zone Lighting
4	CL		Centerline Lighting System
5	HIRL		High Intensity Runway Lights
6	MIRL		Medium Intensity Runway Lighting System
7	LIRL		Low Intensity Runway Lighting System
8	RAIL		Runway Alignment Lights
9	REIL		Runway End Identifier Lights
10	A		ALSF-2
11	A1		ALSF-1
12	A2		SALS or SALSF
13	A3		SSALR
14	A4		MALS and MALSF or SSALS and SSALF
15	A5		MALSR
16	AF		Overrun Centerline
17	AI		Centerline and Bar
18	B		US Configuration (b)
19	BE		Hong Kong Curve
20	BF		Center row
21	BG		Left Single Row
22	BN		Former NATO Standard ©
23	BO		Center Row
24	BP		NATO standard
25	BQ		Center and Double Row
26	BR		Portable Approach
27	BS		Center Row
28	G		Helicopter Approach Lighting System (HALS)
29 Blank
30	E		Two Parallel row
31	F		Left Row (High Intensity)
32	I		Air Force Overrun
33	J		Calvert (British)
34	M		Single Row Centerline
35	N		Narrow Multi-cross
36	O		Centerline High Intensity
37	Q		Alternate Centerline and Bar
38	S		Cross
39	T		Center Row
40	U		Singapore Centerline
41	X		Centerline 2 Crossbars
42	ODALS		Omni-directional Approach Lighting System
43	V   (VASI)	Visual Approach Slope Indicator
44	V1 (T-VASI)	T-Visual Approach Slope Indicator
45	V2 (PVASI)	Pulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator
46	V3 (JUMBO)	VASI with a TCH to accommodate long bodied or jumbo aircraft
47	V4		Tri-color Arrival Approach (TRICOLOR)
48	V5 (APAP)	Alignment of Elements System
49 Blank
50	PAPI		Precision Approach Path Indicator
51	OLS		Optical landing System
56	LCVASI		Low Cost Visual Approach Slope Indicator

Re: Randolph Airfield Lighting System
Posted by: RChin ()
Date: September 15, 2010 06:56PM

Thx Shane! Though could you tell me what two parallel rows are? I've Googled for that topic and all I can find is a listing of "two parallel row" with no explanation of what it is or what it looks like. It links me to "FACC, Annex B, LFA:113" and in there it just lists the two parallel row by name and that is it.

Re: Randolph Airfield Lighting System
Posted by: shane ()
Date: September 17, 2010 03:33AM

Ok, I found diagrams for the various lighting systems. The one in question is on page 99 (B-35) of the DoD Flight Information Handbook. Sorry, I'm just a mere mortal, so I don't have access to the current version, but here you go (7 Megabytes): [worldaerodata.com]

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