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General Info
Country Japan
Time UTC+9
Latitude 40.703222
40° 42' 11.60" N
Longitude 141.368364
141° 22' 06.11" E
Elevation 119 feet
36 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 008° W (01/06)
Beacon Yes
Operating Agency MILITARY
Island Group Honshu I
International Clearance Status Airport of Entry

TWR 125.3
Opr 2300-1100Z Mon-Fri
PTD 131.45
METRO 344.6
GND 118.65
DEP 125.3
CLNC DEL 118.65
2200-1100Z Mon-Fri
APP 120.7
Communications Remarks  
MISC For R-130.
TWR (138.05 123.1x 247.0x SAR only)
POST (Call WILD WEASEL OPS) HAVE QUICK timing available.

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
10/28 10000 x 150 feet
3048 x 46 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VORTAC MIS MISAWA 101X 115.4 At Field -

Fuel JP-4, Wide cut turbine fuel MIL Spec T-5624
Oil O-148, MIL L 7808 (Synthetic Base), Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine

O-156, MIL L 23699 (Synthetic Base)Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine

SOAP Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program
Other Fluids SP, Single Point Refueling

LOX, Liquid oxygen servicing
AIR: 150+/-5lb/min (2055+/-68cfm) at 51+/- psia, AC: 120/208v, 400 cycle, 3 phase, 75kva, 0.75pf, 4 wire, DC:28v, 200 amp, 5.6kw

DC: 750 amp constant, 1000 amp intermittent, 28v, AC: 90kva, 115/200v, 3 phase, 400hz

DC: 500 amp constant, 750 amp intermittent, 28v, AC: 60kva@0.8pf, 115/200v, 3 phase, 400hz

180 lbs/min@75psi or 120lbs/min@ 45psi 700 amp, 28vDC, 120/208v, 400hz AC, 30kva

A-GEAR Nml barrier configuration: 2 dep end BAK-12' s connected at all times, SAFE-BAR avbl O/R.
CAUTION Twy A1 missing mandatory twy guidance signs; use caution when opr on A1 especially at night/reduced vis periods-- all acft hold short of rwy at appropriate INSTor VFR hldg position line. SAFE-BAR (Uni-directional), connected on both endsof rwy at all times, ldg short of rwy thld is hazardous. Rapidly rising terrain 12NM W. Possible interference on 270.8 fr Chitose. Hi-speed jet tfc W-E fr sfc-23,000'. Use caution while ldg Rwy 10/28 when the rwy pavement is saturated by rainfall. Pilots should exp reduced brkg performance in areas where water is ponded and the sfc appears glassy smooth. Possible unsked rdo ctl acft flts lctd wi 5NM on final apch to Rwy 28. Oil platform lctd 0404207.92N/1421619.88E 278MSL helicopter ops for platform crew transportation only at or below 1500MSL within 3NMrad of lctn. Hawks freq cir over the fld, crows and waterfowl fly across rwy, highest activity dur dawn and dusk, advs ATC or PTD of haz bird act. Peak bird act Apr-Nov. Phase I Jun-Jul and Aug-Sep; Phase II Apr-May and Oct-Nov.
FUEL J8 (Mil)
JASU 3(AM-32A-60A) 3(NCPP-105) 6(GTC-85) 2(NC-8A) 3(NC-10C)
LGT OLS avbl by NOTAM, Rwy 28 OLS lctd aprx 742' fr thld and 20' fr paved shoulder edge, Rwy 10 OLS lctd aprx 739' fr thld and 25' fr paved shoulder edge. Rwy 10 ALSF-1 nstd, cntrline bar not avbl. Rwy 28 ALSF-1 nstd, stn 1 and 12 cntrline barnot avbl. Thld lgts Rwy 10-28. Rwy 10 PAPI GS not coincidental with ILS GS. Rwy 28 PAPI GS not coincidental with ILS GS.
MISC First 1500' Rwy 10 and first 1000' Rwy 28 concrete, middle 7500' asphaltic concrete. Air Trml and gnd handling svc opr 2100-1000Z dly. Aft svc opr hrs, if acft rqr air trml and grnd handling svc, ctc ATOC in advance at DSN 226-2470/1 or delays in svc may be experienced. All explosive cargo req 24hr PN; free-flow of 1.4explosives not auth, ctc ATOC DSN 226-2470/1. Acft rqr svc should make prior coord wi HQ AMC TACC and AM OPS. Ltd fleet svc avbl. All acft ctc Comd Post no later than 30 min out wi VIP info/ETA/ETD/svc rqr. USN/USMC/NALO msn acft ctc Navy OPS on 236.6 50NM out wi cargo PAX, VIP (Code 7 or hi), svc req and ETA. ATC svcprovided by JASDF wi USAF liaison. Dur win months exp 30 min ldg/tkof delay forsnow removal. No COMSEC avbl to tran aircrews. Tran aircrews should plan to arrwi appropriate amount of COMSEC to compl entire mission. COMSEC storage avbl atComd Post. TDY acft flying local sorties must coord flight planning pro with afld opr (DSN 226-3307/3180) no later than 7 days prior to arr. CSTMS/AG/IMG - avbl H24. Base WX stn open Mon-Fri 2100-0800Z (0600-1700L) and dur 35 FW flying hrs. Remote flt wx briefing: USAF acft ctc 17th Wx Sq H24, DSN 315-449-7924/8333/8335. USN acft ctc Atsugi Wx H24, DSN 264-3208. Offl obsn taken by JASDF. Lights near wx obsvn point restrict obsvrs vis at night. Cooperative wx watch pro does not exist btw WX and ATC. Wt brg waiver req must be coord thru afld manger at least 24 hrs in advance, Mon-Fri, 2300-0700Z. KC-10, KC-135, C-5, C-17 towbar notavbl.
NS ABTMT Lcl estab acft quiet hr at Misawa 1300-2100Z dly. No eng runs, arr or dep wo prior cood apvl; policy strictly enforced. No practice apch 2100-0300Z Sun.
OIL O-148,156 SOAP
RSTD PPR for all acft at least 24 hr in advance, but no earlier than one week in advance. Ctc USAF AM Ops 2100-1300Z dly, DSN 226-3110 or email USN/USMC acft coord PPR thru USN Flt Support Sq 2230-0730Z dly, DSN 226-4004/4519. After duty hrs, ctc NAF Quarter deck DSN 226-3755 and Flt Support Duty Beeper 172-0317. Do not overfly large circular ant lctd N of Rwy 28 extn. Do notoverfly Misawa City lctd S of arpt blw 3000' VMC. Do not overfly school bldg lctd aprx 1.5 NM ESE of AB. On tkof all acft must maint rwy hdg at or blw 1600' til 3 DME for Rwy 28 or 2 DME for Rwy 10 unless otherwise cleared by ATC. Twy A btn A3 and A4 rstd to acft wi wingspan 110' or less. Twy A4 clsd.
TFC PAT Rwy 28 rgt hand tfc pat only. Overhead 2100', convl 1100', lgt acft/copter 600'.
TRAN ALERT Opr 2100-1300Z Mon-Fri. Standby all other times. Ltd tran fac avbl for US mil acft. No maint or parts for any type of US acft exc organizational level F-16, P3 acft. Concurrent refuel with PAX on board not auth. No hgr space avbl.

Source: DAFIF


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