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General Info
Country Japan
Time UTC+9
Latitude 26.355612
26° 21' 20.20" N
Longitude 127.767633
127° 46' 03.48" E
Elevation 143 feet
44 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 004° W (01/06)
Beacon Yes
Operating Agency MILITARY
Island Group Okinawa I
International Clearance Status Airport of Entry

All UHF Eqpt acft must utilize twr UHF freq while opr in the KADENA tfc pat.
PTD 131.4
18 WG COMD POST 311.0
Alt Futenma METRO 290.6
BASE OPS 266.0
GND CTL 118.5
CLNC DEL 123.3
Communications Remarks  
POST Call KEYSTONE OPS. HAVE QUICK timing avbl. For HF freq call DSN 634-1800.
A/D NORTH 119.1 335.8 SOUTH 126.5 258.3 Class B Airspace. For Okinawa TCA, See Section C, RADAR SERVICE PROGRAM OKINAWA TERMINAL AREA.
MISC HAVE QUICK timing avbl 355.2. For HF freq call DSN 634-1800.

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
05R/23L 12100 x 200 feet
3688 x 61 meters
05L/23R 12100 x 300 feet
3688 x 91 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VORTAC KAD KADENA 057X 112 At Field -

Fuel JP-8, SemiKeroscene MIL Spec T-83133, without icing inhibitor
Oil O-148, MIL L 7808 (Synthetic Base), Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine

O-156, MIL L 23699 (Synthetic Base)Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine

SOAP Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program
Other Fluids W, Water Thrust Augmentation - Jet Aircraft

SP, Single Point Refueling

PRESAIR, Air Compressors rated 3,000PSI or more

LHOX, Low and high pressure oxygen servicing

LOX, Liquid oxygen servicing
JASU A/M32A-86
AC:115/200v, 3 phase, 90 kva, 0.8pf, 4 wire, DC: 28v,1500 amp, 72kw

150+/-5lb/min (2055+/- 68cfm) at 51+/- 2psia

AC:115/208v,400 cycle, 3 phase, 37.5kva,0.8pf, 108 amp, 4 wire, DC: 28v, 500 amp, 14kw

A-GEAR Nml configuration on Rwy 05L-23R is for dep end BAK-13 and BAK-12 and Rwy 05R-23L dep end and app end BAK-12. Barriers removed 1300-2100Z wkd, H24 wkend and hol, and other times at ATC's discretion. 20 min notification to ATC rqr for chg inconfiguration.
CAUTION Aircrews should exer caution on 05L/23R on ungrooved portion of TDZ following rain event where water is ponded or sfc appears glassy. Exp reduced brkg performance or possible hydroplaning in ungrooved areas of TDZ. Last 1300' Rwy 23R extremely slick when wet. Use extreme caution when taxiing on Twy K btn Twy C and D due to congestion. Extv jet and lo level act within 50 NM of Kadena 2300-1000Z Sun-Fri. No visual ref avbl on ngt tkof byd end of Rwy 23L/R.Dur VMC, all acft mustremain blw 1300' til dep end of rwy to ensure separation of overhead tfc pat, unless otherwise cleared by ATC. USAF copters opr with reduced lgt blw 500' AGL wi a 50 NM rad of Kadena btn the hr of SS and SR. Bird haz, see FLIP Planning, AP/3 JAPAN Route and Area Restrictions.
FUEL 80-Aero club use only. 115, J8
LGT Rwy 23R nstd ALS - missing station one, three, and four cntrline barrette. Rwy 05L nstd ALS - missing station one cntrline barrette.
MISC Rwy 05R-23L grooved. Rwy 05L grooved 3100' and Rwy 23R grooved 1500', ea begins 500' fr thld. All acft ctc GND prior to eng start. Exp hvy cat wake turbulence separation behind KC-135R model acft. All UHF eqpt acft must utilize twr UHF freqwhile opr in the KADENA tfc pat. Extv PAR trng in progress, exp controller trainee during radar final. Std USAF RSRS applied. ATC pers will notify wx chg as part of the Cooperative Weather Watch (CWW) pro. CWW will include, but not limitedto, twr and sector vis and significant PIREP to be incorporated in obsn and TAFs. Base Wx Station provides H24 obsn, ltd wx brief support. METRO svc ltd. Remote wx briefings/phone patches avbl 24hr fr 17th Wx Sqdn at DSN 315-449-7924/8333/8335, 2hr ntc rqr for timely brief. AMC aircrews ctc 733 AMS Comd Post at DSN 634-1841. VFR acft inbd to Kadena AB ctc PTD 15 mins prior to arr. Base OPS has ltd COMSEC storage avbl. Base OPS has no COMSEC avbl for tran aircrew; trans aircrew should plan to arr with aprx amount of COMSEC to compl entire msn.
NS ABTMT See FLIP Planning, AP/3. Pro strictly enforced, no arr/dep btn 1300-2100Z wo 18 OG/CC apvl; exc AMC priority 1, 2 or 3 (sked Chan) msn. Ctc Comd Post DSN 634-1800 for apvl. Minimize reverse thrust to max extn possible.
OIL 0-148,156, SOAP
RSTD PPR exc AMC sked msn, DV6 or higher, SAM and AIREVAC msn. Request PPR at least 24 hr in advance, but no earlier than 3 days in advance. New PPR rqr if acft can not adhere to PPR block time +/- 30 min of sked ldg and dep. Ctc AMOPS DSN 634-3118/2492 fax extn 2493 or C011-81-6117-343118 fax extn 342493. Rwy 05L-23R clsd ev 4th Fri; 2230Z - Sat 0230Z; Rwy 05R-23L clsd ev 4th Sat 0330Z-0730Z. Avoid ovft of Hosp at 26 18.8' N 127 46.3' E (KAD CH 57 182/2.5 DME). Jet tactical andoverhead pat operations proh from civil twilight to sunrise wkd and Sat, 1300Z Sat-2100Z Sun and Hol unless apvd by 18 OG/CC. TCA, see THEATER FLIGHT DATA/PROCEDURES Section C. Exc for taxi, DO NOT pt exhaust toward adj perimeter road. Tran acft, exc AMC msn, carrying haz cargo must ctc Base OPS no later than 30 min out for prk rqr. Acft with DV Code 7 or abv ctc KEYSTONE OPS 30 min prior to ldg.All AMC msn and NALO acft must ctc Air Mobility Control Center (call sign Kadena AMCC) 30 min out wi arr/dep and cargo/pax info. All NALO acft must ctc tran alert to coord svc. Hardstands 118 and 333 clsd to all acft due to equip stor. Parking spot Ops 4 and CME ramp permanently closed. Run up Pad 2, lctd on Twy L and F is proh fr hi pwr eng runs exc prior apv.
TFC PAT Exp overhead pat to Rwy 05R-23L, do not descend on downwind. Jet tactical and overhead at (alt 1800'). VFR rectangular pat (alt 1300') and aero club/copter maint 800'. Operations proh 1300-2100Z Mon-Fri, 1300Z Sat-2100Z Sun and Hol.
TRAN ALERT 6 hr svc for tran exc AMC sked, Air Evac and SAM. Tran alert/maint H24. Ctc TranAlert DSN 634-1418 for apvl/coord of msn essential round robin flt, nml unable to support routine lcl round robin msn. USN acft will be supported by AF Tran Alert and AMC Term. Req for dry ice must be made 5 duty days prior to demand, ctc DSN 634-3535, fax extn 3084. All USMC req PPR/svcg will coord wi Marine Wg Liaison Kadena DSN 632-6175. All USN acft on a shorebased det req PPR/svcg will coordwi Fleet Activities Okinawa DSN 634-7077. Transcient USN acft req PPR/svsg willcoord wi AMOPS at DSn 634-3118.

Source: DAFIF


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