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General Info
Country Korea, Republic of
Time UTC+9
Latitude 37.090617
37° 05' 26.22" N
Longitude 127.029594
127° 01' 46.54" E
Elevation 40 feet
12 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 007° W (01/06)
Beacon Yes
Operating Agency U.S.AIR FORCE
Alternate Name K 55
Near City Songtansi
International Clearance Status Airport of Entry

TWR 122.1
PTD 120.7
GND 132.45
DEP 127.9
CLNC DEL 127.3
ATIS 132.125
APP 127.9
Communications Remarks  
POST 276.2 277.2 (Call ROUNDUP). (227.525 HAVE QUICK timing avbl). Air Mobility Control Cntr-(AMC COMD POST)-(Call BRICKWALL) 120.0 349.4 RESCUE COORDINATION CENTER- 282.8 381.0 Sby fac. Freq unmto exc dur SAR emerg or SAR trng, acft ctc COMD
GND Rotary Wing acft ctc prior to eng start.
APP VFR svc avbl call APP CON at or before 20 NM N at or blw 6000' and S at or blw 13,000'. See RADAR ADVISORY SERVICE Sec C.

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
09/27 9004 x 150 feet
2744 x 46 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VORTAC OSN OSAN 094X 114.7 At Field -
NDB RE PYEONGTAEK - 381 7.7 NM 7.5

Fuel JP-8, SemiKeroscene MIL Spec T-83133, without icing inhibitor
Oil O-148, MIL L 7808 (Synthetic Base), Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine

SOAP Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program
Other Fluids SP, Single Point Refueling

LPHOX, Low pressure oxygen servicing

OX, Indicates oxygen servicing when type of servicing is unknown
AIR: 150+/-5lb/min (2055+/-68cfm) at 51+/- psia, AC: 120/208v, 400 cycle, 3 phase, 75kva, 0.75pf, 4 wire, DC:28v, 200 amp, 5.6kw

AC:115/200v, 3 phase, 90 kva, 0.8pf, 4 wire, DC: 28v,1500 amp, 72kw

82lb/min (1123cfm) at 130 deg air inlet temp,45psia(min) air outlet

AC:115/208v,400 cycle, 3 phase, 37.5kva,0.8pf, 108 amp, 4 wire, DC: 28v, 500 amp, 14kw

15 cfm, 200 psia

A-GEAR BAK-12(B) (1350') 4' cable hsg 200' ea side rwy cntrline. BAK-12(B) (2700') 4' cable hsg 275' ea side cntrline. 15 min PN rqr for apch end engagement.
CAUTION Dur VMC, all F/W acft must remain blw 1200' until past the afld bdry to ensure separation for overhead tfc pat, unless otherwise cleared by ATC. All VFR coptertfc maint at or blw 700' while in Arpt Tfc Area/CTLZ. Hvy tfc to Suwon cros final apch to Osan Rwy 27 at 3000'. Dur Rwy 09 opr use extreme caution for acft opr in R-79, lctd OSN 265/14.5 NM. Orbiting copter tfc brg 030 /2.5 NM. Extv copter tfc all quad. Copters must maint a min of 500' AGL over populated areas.Acft taxiing in Diamonds not vis fr twr. Lgtd bridge 3/4 NM final and lgtd road 1.5 NM E and 1/4 NM S of apch end Rwy 27 may be mistaken at ngt and lo wx for Rwy apch lgts. Rwy 09 ILS GS abnormal lctn, 275' N of rwy cntrln. All legs of Alpha and Bravo Diamond and NE, SE and SW legs of Charlie Diamond are nonstandard 50' wide with nonstandard 18' wide shoulders. The NW abd SW leg of Charlie Diamond fr bldg 1102 to 1172 clsd to taxing acft. Bird haz, see AP/3 Korea Supplementary Arpt Rmk for details.
CSTMS/AG/IMG Aircrew on intl flt into or out of Osan AB, Republic of Korea, must clear mil CSTMS and Korean IMG inside AMC trml. Mil CSTMS will meet you at the acft. Korean IMG officers will not meet you at the acft. AMC PAX Service will transport duty PAX and space avbl PAX to the AMC trml when acft beddown actions are complete. Violators will be fined.
JASU 8(A/M32A-86) 3(MC-1A) 3(MA-1A) (MC-2A) (AM32A-60A)
MISC All 4 eng acft shutdown outboard eng after clearing rwy. All AMC, PACAF, NAVY, USMC, and other tran acft rqr pax/cargo handling must ctc air mobility control cntr - (AMC comd post), call-sign BRICKWALL, 30 min out with arr and dep info tocoord svc; also, call atoc at D 784-4715 or 6500 for prior coord of need for svc; lack of notification could result in significant delay. HF fone patch to AMCC thru YOKOTA AWY. AMC OPS clsd 1200-2100Z dly. Acft planning multi lcl sortiessend msg to 7AF/DO and 51 OG/DO/MA/LGX/OSM. VIP acft with DV codes ctc PTD or Comd Post 30 min prior to ldg with arr msg and firm block time. Tran acft exp 2 hr delay on wkend and dur exer for svc. Ltd stor of sealed COMSEC packages SECRET and blw is avbl at Base OPS. No COMSEC avbl at Base OPS. Acft with PAX mustctc ATOC D 784-4715. Wx D 784-9370/5630. Base OPS fax DSN 315-784-5671. Due to ltd parking, the first F-18, AV-8 or A-6 parking within revetments may taxi in, second acft will be shut down and towed into posn. Attn Boeing 747, 757 aircrew: no tow capability exits at Osan for 757 acft; for 747 acft tow capability canbe obtained in 2 hr. ATC pers will notify wx of chg as part of the CooperativeWeather Watch (CWW). CWW will incl but is not ltd to twr and sector vis and significant PIREP infor to be Inc in the obs/TAFs. Base wx station provides H24 obsn, ltd wx brief support. METRO svc ltd. Remote wx briefings avbl H24 from 17th WXSqdn at DSN 315-449-7924/8333/8335, 2 hr ntc rqrd for timely brief. 17th WX Sqdn METRO svc ltd.
NS ABTMT Base quiet hr 1300-2100Z dly. Dur quiet hr unsuppressed eng runs and nonessential acft opr are proh.
RSTD All acft PPR exc emerg AIREVAC and sked AMC msn, ctc Base OPS D 784-4222/1861 atleast 24 hr prior but no earlier than 5 days in advance. Acft must adhere to PPR block time +/- 30 min of sked ldg and dep. Tran acft ltd to 1 apch to full stop ldg 0100-0900Z. Rwy clsd 2nd and 4th Sat mthly 2300-0800Z. No vert tkof or ldg by F/W acft (AV8). Tran and divert acft rqr de-arm will ctc Base OPS (PTD). Acft rqr RON for more than 1 day ctc RWG D 784-5753/8787. All acft with haz (incl MJU7, MJU10 flares) NLT 30 min prior notify Base OPS; AMC acft with haz notify Comd Post NLT 30 min prior to ldg. Due to ltd max on gnd (MOG) capability, any AMC trng msn rqr prior coord w/ AMC D 784-6500/4600.
TFC PAT See Pro (section E) for OSAN VFR PAT.
TRAN ALERT Coord maint/eng run/tow with tran alert, ltd fleet svc avbl; lavatory and potable water avbl upon req, no de-ice C5, no Follow Me svc avbl 1300-2100Z.

Source: DAFIF


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